Slots Strategy

Playing slots really requires very little skill, knowledge or understanding of this game, as this game has been designed truly to be able to make all the decisions for you.

Slot machines come in many different forms. There is the three reel game that has one payout line, the three reel game that has two or three payout lines and then there is the 5 reel game that has multiple payout lines.

For beginners it is always recommended to first play on the three reel game with one, two or three payout lines. This way you will get to understand the game before you take on the more advanced slot machines.

The three reel slot game with one payout line is by far the cheapest game to play as the wager you put down is not multiplied or increased at all like it is in the 3 reel game with two or three payout lines. When you play these games, your wager is multiplied for every line that you bet on, so although you may have bet a small amount to start off with, if you want to take your chances on all the payout lines, your wager will be multiplied by three.

But you also have to bear in mind that when you win in these games, it is also based on the amount that you have wagered. If you wager on one line, you wins will be calculated on that one particular line. Bet on two or three lines and you chances of winning suddenly increases dramatically.

The 5 reel slot machines with multiple payout lines are the most exciting games to play as here you are not only presented with a wonderfully themed games, but you also have extras where you can either get free spins or bonus games that can dramatically increase your bank roll. Here you are also presented with far more icons which means that there are far more combinations that will earn you money.

But remember to be aware that in these games, the more lines you bet on the higher your wager will be and when there are 50 payout lines, even the smallest wager will multiply into a reasonable some of money, but on the other hand, your chances of winning increase dramatically at the same time.

That means that should you be a beginner or a person who is on a restricted bankroll, it would be far more beneficial to play the games that have fewer payout lines until such time as your expertise or your bankroll can accommodate these more sophisticated games.




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