Counting Cards

Card Counting is a method that poker players use to determine the probabilities of what the outcome will be in any poker hand, and players have been doing this for years.

Blackjack is the game that is most common for card counting, but by no means is this practice limited to this game. No matter what card game is being played, as long as there are numbers involved, card counting can take place.

What happens in card counting is that the player will sit as part of the game and watch carefully what cards are being presented, and mentally keep tally of these cards. The lower cards are generally ignored, except just counting to see how many have been used up, but the higher cards such as 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace are the ones that the card counter needs to know about as then he/she can make a calculated decision as to what wager to place in any given game.

There is a huge controversy whether card counting is legal or illegal, but it is also very difficult to ascertain whether someone is actually card counting or not, and hence a practice that is used very clandestinely.

It is a general perception that card counting is not illegal as long as you count by using your memory and not any other device. So in other words what this is saying is that as long as you have nothing concrete, no hard evidence that you are card counting, you should be on the legal side of card counting.

Although this is more a practice that is used in land based casinos, card counting does happen at online casinos. The way that this happens is that at any given game of poker a standard set of cards is used and although most online casinos have Random Number Generators (RNG), the cards that can be drawn can only come from one pack and hence can be counted.

The other name for Card Counting is Advantage Play, as any player that has the ability or the knowledge of how to Card Count, will definitely has the advantage over any other player or players.




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